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Female CEO led outperforms male-led companies

Research compiled by the Frank Recruitment Group has found that the majority of Fortune 500 companies with a female CEO are typically more profitable than those helmed by a male CEO. According to the findings, 87% of the top 500 companies last year led by a female decision-maker reported above-average profits, compared to just 78% of companies without a female CEO. 

Despite companies being led by female CEOs making up the highest percentage of profitable enterprises, just 39 of the 500 companies (0.078%) have a woman in charge.

Why do we care?

There’s a reason I talk about diversity, and it’s the fact that I think having it gives businesses the ability to outperform.

And here we have data saying female lead companies are more profitable.   Knowing the audience’s demographics, let me observe that for male leaders… are you getting enough alternate perspectives?