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Visio, Android and WhatsApp updates

Three product releases I wanted to note.

First, Microsoft announced an update to Windows 11 focused on the Windows Subsystem for Android, which is now testing Android 12.1.      Bunch of enhancements – still only available to test for Windows Insiders.

Second, also from Microsoft, Visio is becoming an online service.   This one is “new to me,” but Microsoft is including Visio in Microsoft 365 plans, including cross-platform support, bringing Visio to the Mac for the first time. 

Finally, WhatsApp launched its Cloud API to all businesses.   It’s a cloud-based version of the WhatsApp Business API.   This version is focused on small businesses and designed to integrate quickly – to only minutes from weeks.  Oh, and it’s free.    

Why do we care?

There’s tactical value here.    I wanted to highlight how walls between silos are breaking down as we move towards more ubiquitous computing.    Android vs. Windows… who cares if they work together?   The operating system becomes irrelevant if Visio is available anywhere.

And APIs bring it all together.

 I did want to note how WhatsApp’s move is about more communications  — enabling business chat more openly.    This fits into e-commerce plays in my mind and ensures a consistent customer experience everywhere.    Worth considering for customers.