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This Week in the Business of Tech April 29 2022 IT Services News

This week on the video version of the Business of Tech:

00:00 Revenue growth of 50% or more with customer experience
04:05 How many are truly all cloud, now?
05:43 Raiding washing machines for chips
06:35 The e-commerce and inflation link  
08:01 Three in five CIOs would replace their tech
09:29 Women in tech on the rise, says Deloitte
10:37 Tech workers and pay – how out of control is it?    
14:14 Learn about Cisco’s MSP offerings
14:52 Attackability as a measurement of vulnerability risk
17:44 Meeting effectiveness, measured 
19:51 Another change to Microsoft’s NCE
20:45 Apple’s new right to repair program is live
21:57 State Department rewards
23:16 Small business inflation plans
24:57 Paying out ransomware… when you didn’t have to

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