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Another change to Microsoft’s NCE

Another set of changes to Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience rollout.     The date when legacy subscriptions for Microsoft 365 and other popular packages have to be bought through the New Commerce Experience has been pushed back eleven days from July 1 to July 11.   The company also indefinitely delayed the final phase of its plan for moving Azure purchases to NCE.   Microsoft announced that more testing validation is needed before the final phase of moving partners and customers to a New Commerce Experience for Azure offers.

Why do we care?

This isn’t going as smoothly as Microsoft might have hoped.

Can someone tell me why 11 days make a difference?   I can’t figure it out – and wonder if that’s something to understand further.     I try and focus on the why – and here’s an area where I haven’t been able to figure it out.  And I feel like that’s the essential part of the story.