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Revenue growth of 50% or more with customer experience, says survey

Starting the week with Customer Experience.  A survey from Salesforce resulted in several data points.  Quoting ZDNet to pull some highlights.

Companies are leaving money on the table. Breaking silos between employee experience and customer experience can lead to a massive opportunity for revenue growth of up to 50% or more. 

Companies think they have to choose between prioritizing employee or customer experiences. And customer experience is winning. Approximately nine in 10 C-suite members (88%) say employees are encouraged to focus on customers’ needs above all else, even though the C-suite knows that a powerful customer experience starts with an employee-first approach. 

There is a disconnect between C-suite perception and employee experience. 

  • 71% of C-suite leaders report their employees are engaged with their work when in reality, only 51% of employees say they are. 
  • 70% of leaders report their employees are happy, while only 44% of employees report they are. 

The disconnect is undermining EX, CX, and ultimately growth. 

  • 74% of C-suite executives say that no one at their company truly owns the employee experience. 
  • Only one in three companies excel at creating a seamless EX-CX experience.

Outdated technology and siloed data strategies deepen misalignment between employees and the C-suite. 

  • 52% of C-suite members believe their corporate technology is working effectively, compared to just 32% of employees. 
  • The majority of C-suite leaders (73%) say they do not know how to use their company’s employee data to drive change. 

I wanted to pair this with a piece in NextGov, which focused on the December 2021 executive order around customer experience.     Rather than make customers understand the bureaucracy, the White House’s vision focuses on “life experiences” for those seeking assistance.    QUOTE For Americans facing retirement, surviving a disaster, transitioning out of the military, having children, or experiencing financial shock, the Biden administration wants to offer a path to services that doesn’t require knowledge of how the government is organized. END QUOTE

It even comes with a goal:  for Americans seeing services to be able to apply in 20 minutes, enroll within 24 hours and get services in a week. 

Why do we care?

This remains where the value is, and the US government sees it too.    Anything with 50% or more revenue growth gets my attention and should get yours.     The survey is the guidance, too – not having ownership of CX or management disconnected from employee reality.  These are both actionable areas internally and services when considered externally.  

And consider that very understandable goal from the US government, which makes complicated ideas around service very tangible.    Apply, enroll, and get services.     With metrics.