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The new US EU privacy deal

In another update to a previous story, The U.S. and the European Union reached a preliminary deal to allow data about Europeans to be stored on U.S. soil.   The previous deal was deemed illegal by the EU’s top court in 2020, and the new deal dubbed the Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework, attempts to address the EU top court’s concerns by establishing an appeals process for EU individuals that includes what the U.S. calls an independent Data Protection Review Court with binding authority to adjudicate claims and impose remedies. 

The new U.S. data-protection court and a commitment to limit disproportionate signals intelligence collection will be created via a U.S. executive order, both EU and U.S. officials said. 

Why do we care? 

This feels important yet tactical.    Data sharing between the US and EU is one of those essential elements of trade that needs to be there.     And now it is again.      If you cross the Atlantic with your customer base, you care.