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Serious employee pushback at Activision Blizzard

I’m sure I will cover more return-to-work stories this week, but this gets its own segment.   Activision Blizzard has made a U-turn and decided to leave COVID-19 vaccine mandates down to individual offices rather than changing its policy across the board.   This after employees announced a walkout due to lifting the vaccine requirement, demanding an immediate reversal,  that remote work should be offered as a permanent solution, [and] each employee should decide to work remote or in-office.

 Why do we care?

This is precisely what I expect to start happening  — employers that push too far from where their employees are will get pushback really fast.     As a business leader, don’t think you can just declare what you want work to look like going forward.      Get too far ahead of yourself, and you’ll have a mutiny.      

In this case, one unpopular change led to a litany of demands.     I do not expect this to be the last.