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Arcserve’s backup loss lessons

A tale of three companies.

First, several StorageCraft data protection services have failed, causing affected companies to lose their cloud backups.   During a migration from their own data centers to Google Cloud, a user error caused data loss.  Per CRN, the root cause analysis is not complete, and most partners are now reseeding their data.     Arcserve owns StorageCraft, and customers of their other products are not affected.

Second, vulnerabilities in the Wyze Cam have been revealed that indicate, for the past three years, a vulnerability in its home security cameras that could have theoretically let hackers access video feeds over the internet. Bitdefender had found the issue and warned the company.  Rather than fix it, Wyze discontinued the product and fixed it in new versions.  

Finally, you may have caught the news that Apple and Meta both handed over user data to hackers who faked emergency data request orders typically sent by law enforcement, according to a report by Bloomberg.   Both companies fell for phony requests and provided information about users’ IP addresses, phone numbers, and home addresses.

Why do we care?

Besides those who tactically care about the particular vulnerabilities or loss of backup history, the more significant reason to care is disclosures.     In each of these three, there are examples of how to communicate with your customers. 

Arcserve has arguably the most disastrous specific issue….. and the most transparent.  It’s important to note that primary data wasn’t lost.  This situation introduces significant risk… and to their credit, they own the problem.      Compare that with Wyze, who buried the issue and never revealed the extent of the vulnerability.     Now, who do YOU Want to be?