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What digital skill is surprisingly important?

According to research from Qlik, a little over one in five employees believe their employer is preparing them for a more data-oriented and automated workplace (21%). This is despite most business leaders predicting an upheaval in working practices due to the rapid onset of AI.

The report, Data Literacy: The Upskilling Evolution, found that 35% of employees say they had changed jobs in the last 12 months because their employer wasn’t offering enough upskilling and training opportunities.   That from ChannelLife New Zealand.   

While I’m on digital skills, here’s some new research by academics at the Warwick Business School and the University of Sydney Business School.  They dug into the use of PowerPoint in Business, and found hat the people who designed and edited the slides strongly influenced the direction a company’s strategy took, and have suggested that employees who want to influence company strategy should help to design the firm’s presentations. 

Our findings suggest that those who craft the visuals in PowerPoint slides have the power to influence a strategy’s direction. PowerPoint’s visual features are intimately connected to the direction strategy conversations take and subsequent activities,” they said.

The researchers added that since the power “is in the eye of the slide creator” organisations should consider who is making the slides, and who the audience will be.

Why do we care?

Those who make the PowerPoint visuals guide direction…. Plus they’re the ones who get to pitch the ideas.    

The power of presenting ideas, telling stories, and delivering messages is a skill worth investing in.     And those that do get to set strategy. 

Should be a pretty good selling point for training services too.