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Kaspersky under scrutiny by Germany

At the cross of geopolitics and cybersecurity, the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) warned organizations against using Kaspersky antivirus software over fears it could be exploited for cyber-espionage or launching cyberattacks amid Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine.

 While the office is not explicitly banning the use of Kaspersky software, the security agency is urging German organizations to replace products made by the Moscow-headquartered firm with alternative software from non-Russian vendors, warning that Russia’s military and intelligence activities in Ukraine, along with its threats against Europe, NATO, and Germany, means there is “a considerable risk of a successful IT attack.”  That from TechCrunch. 

Kaspersky responded, “We believe this decision is not based on a technical assessment of Kaspersky products — that we continuously advocated for with the BSI and across Europe — but instead is being made on political grounds,” the security company said on Wednesday.

“We believe that peaceful dialogue is the only possible instrument for resolving conflicts. War isn’t good for anyone.”

Why do we care?

Know all those warnings about the supply chain?    Yeah, that’s this.       When the security of the supply chain is brought up, it’s not just availability… it’s also where those companies are located and what laws… and wars… they are involved in.    

I’m not making a judgment call about Kasperky’s technology.    I will observe that Kasperky’s dismissal of politics is unrealistic and unviable.    Technologists cannot ignore both politics and regulation in selecting tools… that’s called supply chain management. A skill IT services companies will need to continue to develop.