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Sustainable IT – a new offering in the making?

Last week, a group of tech execs came together to announce, a nonprofit organization focused on advancing global sustainability through technology leadership.   To drive transparency and progress toward a sustainable future, the goal is to unite IT leaders and experts worldwide to define best practices and standard metrics for all three pillars of sustainability — environmental, societal, and governance.

As part of its mandate, will define sustainable transformation programs by industry, create best practices and frameworks, set standards and certifications, provide education and training, and raise awareness for environmental and societal programs that make organizations and the world sustainable for generations to come.

Why do we care?

I want to believe in this movement, but Green IT has burned me in the past.    Emotionally, I want to buy into this.   Even the big picture, with climate both a real issue and a buying pattern for some customers, makes sense to me.

That still leaves me skeptical.     That said, this approach seems spot on – building the best practices and, more importantly, metrics for such a program.     I’m offering it as a resource and as a well-wisher.