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Kaseya hacker extradited

The alleged individual behind the Kaseya ransomware attack has been extradited and arraigned in Texas.    The DOJ said Vasinskyi was brought to Dallas on March 3.

He has been charged with conspiracy to commit fraud and related activity in connection with computers, damage to protected computers, and conspiracy to commit money laundering. He is facing a total of 115 years in prison if convicted of all counts. 

According to California-based cybersecurity firm Imperva, an update on the current cyber-landscape: Nearly 9 in 10 cyberattacks currently occurring worldwide are targeting Russia or Ukraine.   The firm’sCyber Threat Attack Map, which measures web traffic and applications attacks, indicates 61% of the more than six billion potential global cyberattacks from March 7-8 targeted Russia, while 23% targeted Ukraine. The United States was the third-most targeted country over the same 24-hour time period, accounting for 6% of the threat activity faced.

Why do we care?

Real consequences for the hack – a single person, sure, but real results.   It’s notable how much Kaseya embraced law enforcement which led to this.   

And the new landscape has cyber activity very focused – the Russians and Ukrainians are fighting in both the cyber and physical landscape. Actual world activities and cyber are entirely intertwined.