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Google is changing its ad tracking too

Google has announced changes to the way it handles user privacy and advertising on Android.    Quoting ZDNet:

Google remained somewhat vague on a timeline and the specific policies to enforce. It did, however, reveal that one of its primary goals would be to bring its Privacy Sandbox control scheme over from its Chrome desktop browser to the Android operating system. 

This privacy management measure ties in tightly with. A new solution to replace cookies with something Google claims will provide equal ad opportunities for companies, but an increased level of privacy for users, compared to current tracking technologies. Both Project Sandbox and Topics aim to help the company replace FLoC, its failed first attempt at replacing cookies which drew widespread rejection from major players across the web. 

The company also revealed that it plans to sunset Advertising ID, a major component of Android’s ability to provide ad tracking by supplying advertisers with data on users’ purchases and clicks while also helping to determine their specific areas of interest. Google noted that the phase-out would be gradual, with Advertising ID remaining in place for at least two years. 

Why do we care?

I think SMBs care a lot about how digital advertising is done because digital remains the number one customer acquisition path.      This space is shifting fast, so it’s relevant to track the new models – because your digital spend is being reshaped.