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SMB Maturity and cloud market data

With earnings season upon us, lets review the performance of the cloud providers, because the cloud infrastructure market is on fire.

Synergy Research dug into the progress, and the market reached $50 billion, up 36% over the prior year. Microsoft and google both grew around 45% for the quarter, and Amazon at about 40%. Amazon has about 33% of the market, Microsoft at 21% and Google at 10%. Microsoft and Google are the ones growing — Amazon’s share has stayed consistent.

TechAisle reporting on the maturity of the SMB market, with 24% of small businesses, 52% of core midmarket firms, and 54% of upper midmarket firms rated as having advanced IT maturity. The headline — SMB is not monolithic.

Why do we care?

The TechAisle research delves into understanding that the SMB Market isn’t a single thing — it’s divided up into types of investors in technology, from pre-IT, through Basic IT, to proactively cautious, to a full Enterprise IT style of investment.

Now couple that with the expanding cloud space. There is so much opporunity here for continued investment, as 24% is not the whole market, and even those with advanced maturity are going to continue to look for new ways to grow.