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CIO priorities and data center builds

Nearly one-third of CIOs plan to spend more time driving business innovations in 2022, according to IDG’s 2022 State of the CIO survey.  Over half of line-of-business leaders see the CIO as a “strategic advisor who proactively identifies business opportunities,” according to the survey. The perception of CIOs as strategic business advisors more than doubled since 2021.

Tech leaders will continue to bring in revenue for their organizations in 2022, with 65% of leaders adding some form of revenue generation to their objectives for the year.  These from CIO Dive

How about a view of the cloud.. and data center market?   According to a data center report from U.K.-based global real estate and infrastructure consultancy Turner & Townsend.  95% of respondents predict data center construction demand in 2022 will be greater than 2021. 82% of respondents rate data center construction market conditions as hot or overheating.  70% of respondents consider the data center industry to be “recession proof.”

Why do we care?

The data center real estate data is a solid proxy for cloud growth — unsurprising and notable.  The build will continue to grow.

Revenue generation as a specific goal for tech leaders is my notable headline, however. It’s one thing to simply advise on technology… and another to be directly linked to revenue.   Sure, the perspective here is internal… but for those preaching virtual CIO services, they had better link to revenue.    Particularly for those who are looking at mid-market organizations, if your internal sponsor is all about the revenue… you had better be too.