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A tale of two bills

In the US, one of several bills around tech and privacy moved out of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  It would prohibit Big Tech companies from favoring their own services in an anti-competitive way, something smaller tech companies have accused companies like Apple, Google, Amazon and Meta of doing for years.

In the EU, the Digital Services Act, also focused on big tech, was signed off on by the European Parliament.    This one would focus on illegal content on platforms or risk fines up to 6 percent of global turnover.

Why do we care?

Two laws flowing through the system.  And if asked to bet, I’d say the EU crosses the finish line, but the US won’t.

Just like GDPR impacted websites globally — there’s a reason every website asks you to accept it’s data policies — we may all be living on an EU regulated internet.   And that’s why we care.