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The EU considers its own DNS system

A notable proposal in the EU – building their own DNS service, which will include filtering capabilities.     It will be made available to EU institutions and the general public for free.   The service, named DNS4EU, is in the project planning phase.   Officials say this is in response to consolidation in the SND market around non-EU operators.     Filtering would be built using intelligence feeds, such as ones from national CERT teams.

Why do we care?

Europe continues to lead on several initiatives, particularly around privacy.   Europeans get a lot more of the downside of tech, particularly Big Tech, without the upside of the impact to the economy like Americans do.

This validates two trends – first, the splintering of the internet into segments.   Second, the internet is increasingly viewed as a utility, the way roads and electricity are.   One more step in that direction. 

Finally, European providers may want to be aware that this is in the works – it will directly impact service offerings.