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Workflow and meetings examined

Now that we’re all working differently.. what does that look like?   Per research from DialPad, a majority of professionals spend a third of the workweek in meetings.   Here are the specifics:

  • 45% spend less than four hours a week
  • 37% spend between four and 12 hours
  • 12% spend between 12 and 20 hours
  • 5% spend 20 hours or more a week in meetings


  • Mondays are the most popular day of the week to schedule meetings
  • Wednesdays have the longest meetings on average.
  • Audio-related issues are the biggest pain point for video conferencing
  • 82.9% believe not all video meetings require video

Xerox researched the market too, and 64% of their respondents believe they will be stronger after the pandemic.   75% are more reliant on workflow technologies compared with their pre-pandemic set-ups.   88% view security software and hardware protecting business information as core to their longevity, with 75% likely to upgrade current solutions this year.

More than half of respondents anticipate a flexible, hybrid workplace as the future. They also say government stimulus will be essential to ensure their full transition to a technologically driven, hybrid model.

Citrix research highlights how remote work is the future of work.    100 percent of 400 IT and security leaders surveyed have adopted the hybrid model and rank, enabling it as job number one for their organizations.

WeWork is also interested in the hybrid workspace – they have launched software called Workplace by WeWork, specifically to let companies manage their workplaces online.   This was internal software that the company is now making available to others.  

Why do we care?

Workflow should include meetings – and If you think about the usage of the technology, one would think reducing that load of meetings would be a pretty significant area of opportunity.  With the move to so-called hybrid obvious, it’s no wonder WeWork is offering software there.  And remember, whatever platform one selects, it’s the services revenue around implementing and making it effective that is of genuine interest and why we care about this entire space.