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Staff shortages over COVID as the fed tells us how many went remote

The Office of Personnel Management released their annual report to Congress on telework.   Per the report, in fiscal 2020, 50% of all federal workers were eligible to work remotely, an increase of 11 percentage points from the 39% reported to be eligible in fiscal 2019. Of those workers, 90% of eligible employees engaged in telework in 2020, marking a 34% increase over the previous year.

And in other signs of the current state of play, More than 5 million Americans, or 2% of the workforce, “could now be isolating,” Capital Economics economist Andrew Hunter estimated.


Meta announced they will require COVID-19 boosters to return to the office and have delayed that reopening until March.  


Why do we care?


Antidotally, I’ve heard from multiple providers dealing with COVID staffing-related issues.    This portion of the show is very tactical – data points updating the listener on where we are.