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Positive correlations when IT and business collaborate

PWC with a new report showing positive correlations when IT and business professionals put their collective heads together.   Quoting ZDNet


PwC’s survey, based on the responses of 1,040 business leaders and 210 IT leaders, reveals that “Digital IQ leaders” were more likely to invest in cloud technologies, including enterprise applications, infrastructure, and development platforms. These Digital IQ leaders account for about one-fifth of all surveyed tech execs; PwC defines them as leaders “who see eye to eye with their business peers.” 


Digital IQ leaders are more likely to improve financial performance and more significant innovation and productivity. 


Why do we care?


Data that is intuitive but nice to be reinforced, correct?     There’s some good data here for sure – although not groundbreaking.   


Here’s a note – 1 in 5 are leaders… so, 20%?  You mean, like the top 20%?   Meaning, how are best-in-class firms generally are generally the top 20%?    I’m quipping that to make a connection without data – but more to hold up the perspective.  Don’t most assume 80% of revenue comes from the top 20%… generally?


The reason to care is that while one might be inclined to pursue these alone… they are not the only market segment.   Sure, these are great customers, and go after them – but 80% don’t look like them.  Either help them become like the 20%…. or meet them where they are.