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ISG says renewals are big next year

ISG released figures for global spending on IT and business process services, projecting a large volume of contracts up for renewal.    About three-quarters of the renewals due this year are IT outsourcing contracts, with the remainder business process outsourcing agreements, said ISG.

Contracts worth a total of $18.5bn (£14bn) are due to expire in 2022, and about half of the renewals are expected in the Americas.

Channel Futures out with their MSP 501 2021 report.    With a data-less headline of a banner year for MSPs, security dominated the revenue and product data.    The top revenue-producing solution was Help Desk / Service Desk, at 69%, although the most significant growth had security in the top three spots – Security, Endpoint security, and Network security.  

And in a data point about the value of the work layer, Zoom has launched their first Partner Demand Center.     It’s a series of marketing resources designed for Zoom Partners to grow their business.  

Why do we care?

The renewal data intrigues me.  If anyone would have it, it’s ISG… so knowing there is a lot out there for renewal reminds me of year-end.  You should have raised your prices.

Oh, and Zoom has a Partner program.   The only reason we care is that it highlights the value of the work layer – and you should have your attention there.