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Amazon’s new top-secret region

Short story of note to my government and government adjacent listeners.   Amazon Web Services has announced a section “Top Secret” cloud region.    Called AWS Top Secret-West, the region provides additional geographic availability and resiliency of AWS cloud services for U.S. intelligence and defense agencies, including the CIA and NSA, to host, analyze and run applications.  It’s the second location accredited for classified workloads that are air-gapped. While the company did not disclose the specific location, they noted it is over 1,000 miles away from AWS Top Secret-East, located in Northern Virginia.

This is all from NextGov.

Why do we care?

I’d guess this is valuable tactical news for some listeners – probably mainly in the DC area.

Broadly, I noted that cloud technologies could be used in an air-gapped way.     It’s likely unnecessary for the vast majority of both listeners and their customers, but isn’t it good to know it’s possible?