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Entry level employees feeling isolated from employers

I wanted to highlight an opinion piece in the New York Times about remote work – and its failure for the young or entry-level.      It’s an excellent story-driven read, focusing on entry-level people. 

A key quote: “Almost every story we heard from adrift and isolated employees had the same root cause: well-intentioned but frazzled managers working inside systems that adapted to the pandemic by trying to cram office work into the home. “


A few days in the office won’t fix these larger issues. But intentional design could. Truly flexible work may seem breezy and carefree, but it’s actually the product of careful planning and clear communication. It requires peering around corners and attempting to identify needs and problems before they fester. It may seem onerous at first, especially when “Let’s just go back to the way things were before” seems like such a clear option.”

Why do we care?

For those in the US, this is an excellent long weekend reading to consider.   The disconnect between employers and employees is a space to both excel in and consult in.    Addressing this in your own business is a competitive advantage, and teaching others is a high-value service – and best of all, it’s not one size fits all, so customized.   It’s why I love this space.  High value, high difficulty, complex and customized.