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Apple says it’s ok to talk about wages at work

Apple on Friday issued an internal memo reminding employees that they may discuss wakes, hours, and working conditions.

In a post on an internal site, Apple said its policies do not preclude employees from “speaking freely” about working conditions, according to a copy of the message viewed by Reuters.

“We encourage any employee with concerns to raise them in the way they feel most comfortable, internally or externally,” the post states.

The company also intends to return to the office on Feb 1 with a “hybrid work pilot,” under which employees will work out of the office for one or two days each week. From March, those employees will be at work Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and from home on Wednesday and Friday. Several teams at Apple will not be part of the pilot due to their work requiring “a greater need to work in-person.”   That from the Information.  

Why do we care?

It feels important to remind everyone that Apple is simply reminding everyone about the law.    Employers can’t stop this kind of discussion.  This isn’t them being magnanimous; it’s them following the law… particularly at a time when they have had some internal strife with employees.      That’s why we care – if you’re managing people or a business owner, these are rules and laws you should know.

As for their return to the office, we’ll see.  I’ve heard this one before.