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Do IT providers care about the metaverse?

So, metaverse.  I saved this one.

Microsoft has thrown their hat into the ring, with Microsoft bringing Mesh, a collaborative platform for virtual experiences, directly into Microsoft Teams next year. It’s part of a big effort to combine the company’s mixed reality and HoloLens work with meetings and video calls that anyone can participate in thanks to animated avatars.

Why do we care?

With all the noise about the metaverse in the past week, I want to weigh in here and say we do not care.   I have no data to prove this solves an actual problem yet, and my intuition says it’s just totally off base.  

I’m much more inclined to think augmented reality will make its way into workspaces than this weird hybrid legless cartoon version we’re seeing so far.   Immersive shared spaces… I don’t believe they will look like this.    I’ll keep an eye on the space, but so far, I’m saying this is noise.     Here, we don’t care.