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Google expands certification program — including IT support

A few years ago, Google launched their non-college certificate program for basic IT skills.    They’re expanding the program – which they recognize and pay at the college degree level – to include more students.     Google has announced they will make the certificate program free for community colleges and vocational high schools across the nation.  Connecticut has already announced they are offering Google Career Certificates across its state and universities system.

There are also now 150 companies now accepting the cert for some jobs, including Walmart and Verizon.   The program is an online program, completed at a self-paced speed. The website claims completion in 6 months with under 10 hours per week of study.  

Why do we care?

How many providers are looking at this program?    You’re aware there is an IT support one, right?   Have you looked?    If you’re bemoaning not having enough people…. Here’s another option.