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Chromebook saturation achieved?

I’ve covered Chromebook growth before – it was on a tear for a while there.  And now, per IDC, that’s off, down nearly 30% in the third quarter.     IDC data shows that Chromebook shipments fell 29.8% in the third quarter compared to a year ago. In addition, tablet shipments fell 9.4%.

The reason?   The analyst says that schools and governments “blew out their budgets to provide devices for remote learning”, and that the education market is now saturated in the US and Japan.       Tablets are off too , just not as much – all regions but Asia Pacific are down.  Overall down 15% year over year, North America down 23%.  

This is Chromebook specific – PC sales are roughly level, if up slightly.  

Why do we care?

Saturated, huh?  Well, that’s education – doesn’t mean that’s the only market out there.  If one believes in the cloud SaaS world, I think there’s space for more than just that one market.       And last I checked.. society keeps producing kids.  Endless supply of customers.