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Is your company ethical? Tech Pros answer

Is your company ethical?  Deloitte asked tech professionals about their companies, and 82% strongly agreed that their company was ethical. In the same survey, only 24% strongly agreed that the tech industry takes an ethical approach to the products and services that it creates.

Quoting Tech Republic

“According to the report, tech companies will have to make these changes to improve their ethical standings: 

  • Changing long-established mindsets that have been historically beneficial
  • Discussing the trade-offs between efficiency and performance and a more ethical approach 
  • Balancing existing revenue streams with strong ethical practices 
  • Changing the software engineering process 
  • Investing more money and time in product development to understand unintended consequences 
  • Identifying new ways to evaluate and reward project teams “

Why do we care?

I believe there is competitive advantage in this approach.   Other data about the feelings of Millenials and GenZ – you know, future customers, leaders, and business owners – care a lot about these issues.     There’s space to become really good at this, with transparency and ethics driving profit.  

Good weekend reading here.