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Australia looks to expand privacy

And on the regulation front, in Australia there is a new draft expansion to the nation’s Privacy Act.   The focus – expanding the code for regulating three classes of organizations: Social media platforms, data brokers, and large online platforms.  The proposed online privacy code seeks to make it mandatory for social media organizations to verify users’ age; obtain parental or guardian consent of a child who is under 16 years old before collecting, using, or disclosing personal information of that child; and prioritize acting in the best interests of children in their approach to handling data.

Why do we care?

Aussie listeners directly care on the changes to data management, which may end up as law… or just guidance for services.    And everyone else cares because governments borrow from each other too.   

I continue to believe “data management” as an offering is a thing.   Can you help a customer understand what data they consume, how it is used, what risks that brings, and then protecting that asset.  This is a business level review, not just backing it up – and the regulations around it matter… or give guidance.