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Is a small business cloud on the horizon?

So, we hear about the big cloud providers all the time.  Amazon, Google, Microsoft…. But what about a small business cloud?   That’s Protocol’s basic premise looking at Backblaze’s filing for IPO.

Quoting the article:

And there is an emerging gap in the market here. Neither Backblaze nor Cloudflare are in a position to challenge industry leaders like AWS, Microsoft and Google any time soon for the breadth and depth of cloud infrastructure business. But they both realize that catering to smaller companies represents a potential new era in the history of the cloud.

While big companies can manage the increasing complexity of major cloud services to get the functionality they need, smaller businesses are often overwhelmed by it and struggle to hire the right talent to make sense of it.”

Why do we care?

Well, if Protocol only knew there was a collection of companies literally devoted to making sense of those technologies.       I guess I wouldn’t have a job if they did.

This is a pretty solid reinforcement of the value of IT services companies in the new world.  That said, if there will be a second list of companies to know and become experts in for cloud service delivery, that shows the complexity.  I think Protocol is wrong to believe this is an OR.  It’s not Amazon Google Microsoft…. OR… these other providers.  It’s Amazon, Google, Microsoft… AND… these other providers.

Making the problem even more complicated for SMBs – and exposing the expertise required and to be made into a business.    Preaching to the choir here, but important not to lose sight of the core value.   It’s the consulting to “make sense of it”.   That’s not technical – that’s business.