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Technology Solutions Brokerage replacing what outdated term?

Words matter, so I wanted to cover this one.  Since the events of last summer, there has been a debate among technology providers and vendors around changing the phase “master agent”, which refers to contract and sales enablement offerings.  The phrase has become increasingly uncomfortable.

The Xposure Inclusion & Diversity Council has been brokering a conversation around this, and several firms, including TBI, AppSmart, Intelisys, Avant and TCG, have decided to go with “technology solutions brokerage”, with support from the Council.   Comcast, T-Mobile, Five9 and Nice InContact have also announced they would support the change.

Why do we care?

The “master agent” concept is relevant for those who have been in the telco space.    Technology solutions brokerage is certainly better as a phrase – I don’t have a strong opinion on what it should be, besides the fact that I do agree the old nomenclature should be retired.

Those going to the upcoming Channel Partners Expo should pay particular attention to the new phrasing.