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What will office parties look like?

Yesterday I talked about the return to the office.  Today.. how about the return of the holiday party?   Protocol with a piece examining the upcoming holiday season. Are companies coming back?

One events company cites only between 10 and 20 percent of their normal bookings.   Google and Facebook are skipping any major holiday parties, as confirmed by the article.

Why do we care?

It’s Q4, and this is the exact time to be thinking about this question.    Company culture is a theme I return to often, and opportunities to establish that culture are important.      Uncertainty eats away at culture.  

In roughly two months, companies will be executing whatever plans they come up with.    So now is the time to make your choices.    Linking to the worker sentiment that I’ve reported on over and over again… employees want to feel safe.   Find your solution that emphasizes that.