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The financial hit to

A final tidbit this week – following up on that DDOS attack on, the company notified shareholders to expect its total revenue for the quarter ended Sept. 30 to be reduced “by an amount between. $0.5 million and $1.5 million.” Bandwidth attributed the projected decline to “lost transaction volume and potential customer credits” related to the attack.

The company is reporting their network has been stable since Sept 29.

Why do we care?

This is a data point on this story.  I’m learning about some of the risks associated with phone portability, and highlighted earlier this week about the lack of continuity planning as it relates to phones.      My question here – that I don’t have an answer to – is if this financial impact is enough to change their approach.   Financial incentives matter… so we’re tracking the impact on this one.  It won’t be immediately apparent.