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The opportunity in the office of the future not mirroring the past

Sooooo bit more work from anywhere.    This time, let’s start with a piece from the Washington Post.     Workers are profiled returning to the office… to spend more time doing what they did at home.     Zoom meetings moved from home offices to within the walls of the office, and continued the same distance feeling.  

TechRepublic too asking this question – do we need to recreate office life?   From the thought piece, “The most important question for any organization imagining a new virtual work experience is what aspects of its workers’ days must be replicated, and what new aspects do they want to design and deliver,” said Whit Andrews, Gartner distinguished research VP. “Commonly, any time humans lose something, they want to replicate it.”

Why do we care?

Look, there’s a piece in the New Yorker too, plus a long one about the internal strife at Apple right now.  

We care about this because everyone is looking for “the” answer, and there isn’t just one, and more importantly this is unknown territory.  What work will look like is uncertain.      In mystery there is margin… so I think this is an area for creative solutions.      I’m not going to say I have all the answers – I feel like I have pieces, but not a total idea yet.   The intellectual exercise is interesting, and because I know there is something there.      Those that figure solutions out are going to do really well.