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Did you know about weeks of outages in VoIP?

So… I don’t generally cover outages.    A cloud outage, like Microsoft 365 or AWS is generally resolved by the time the pod is released.     That said, what about an outage that lasts 10 days?  Or several weeks?   Or how about the one right now, going on four days?

Because has been under attack since September 25th, and outages have been reported by Twilio, Accent, DialPad, and RingCentral.         That multiple days attack was earlier this month, on, which was an extortion attack where the threat actors were demanding payment to stop the attacks. 

Why do we care?

So, tip of the cap to Ray for highlighting the multiple days nature of this.    He correctly states that “MSPs care because they’re the first stop for support issues and they need to know how to communicate the effects and options to the clients as it impacts their business”.  I’m including a link to the YouTube video with Tom Lawrence on strategies for mitigation.  

The impact to 911 services also is a reason to care.    Telecommunications is infrastructure in a different way than many other cloud services.    There’s a surprisingly small amount of coverage on this – why?   How is impact to 911 service not making larger headlines?   Is this cybersecurity fatigue taken to it’s logical extreme?    If that’s the case, that’s very scary.  And another reason to care.