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New updates on reopening and mandate plans across industry

Google has joined the list of companies delaying reopening, pushing work-from-home through Jan 10 of 2022, per a statement on Tuesday.     After that, decisions will fall to counties and locations to make local decisions based on conditions there.      

On the vaccine mandate front, CRN is reporting NinjaRMM will require employees who want to work in their offices will require vaccination.   This joins Google, HPE, Microsoft and others – and the article notes Intel is offering bonuses to vaccinated employees.  Apple has issued a request to share vaccination status, but not a mandate.     UCG, one of New Zealand and Australia’s largest suppliers of telecommunication services, is going with an incentive scheme – an extra day of annual leave for vaccination, and a $100 gift, and those already vaccinated that that too.  

Why do we care?

Just a bit more data to track the shift in sentiment.   Despite the political noise, there appears to be reasonably broad support for mandates and an interest in addressing safety.    Take this data and apply in your own approach.