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Did you know Windows Server 2022 is out? 

Did you know Windows Server 2022 is out?    Yesterday was the official announcement of general availability, despite it actually having rolled out for several weeks prior.     The announcement really means it’s available in all distribution channels.      There is not a corresponding Hyper-V server.  The 2019 edition is the last, supported under its lifecycle policy until January 2029, and Azure Stack HCI is the strategic direction.  

Why do we care?

On the product… not really.    For most SMB focused IT providers, this isn’t news, because this clearly isn’t the direction for most SMBs themselves.  Microsoft’s own strategy is moving away from small servers to cloud services, and that’s even to the midmarket.   Why no Hyper-V server?  Because the expectation is that virtualization is used now in data centers, not small systems.  As a former virtualization MVP myself, this makes total sense to me.    If Microsoft thought there was an opportunity in the SMB for servers, they’d have offerings.    That should tell you everything you need to know.