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Synnex and Tech Data merge – do we care?

The merger between Synnex and Tech Data is complete, the companies said Wednesday that TD Synnex is the new combined organization.     

Why do we care?

I’m not actually sure we really do.    There’s a ton of coverage out there in the traditional channel press, using words like “historic”.     Um, sure.    I don’t think much is different today than yesterday.

I’m using this story to highlight what we don’t care about and why – companies merging and coming together does very little for customers on the day of the acquisition.    So what does it mean for them going forward?    To that, I look to the financial incentives of the organization, it’s owners, and it’s leaders.    In this case, I’m not seeing a change, leading me to believe that again, going forward, more of the same.  This isn’t like a private, founder led organization being acquired by a private equity firm looking for return on investment in three years.      

So we don’t care.   It was the exercise in why we don’t care … that I did care about.