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A different perspective on RMM security

Today, a conversation with Jason Dettbarn, Founder and CEO of Addigy. We talk security, cloud, RMM configurations and what MSPs should think about for the future.

00:00 What’s the difference between the macOS and Windows approach to management?
01:24 Traditionally, RMM’s are about endpoint management via automation on Windows… and Apple takes a configuration management approach, correct?
02:46 Is that architectural difference a choice?
04:08 How does Microsoft Intune fit into the ecosystem?
04:58 I’ve been critical of the technology due to the fact it can become a vector of attack, actually amplifying the risk. What’s your take on the risk now for an RMM?
06:50 Is a configuration based approach to management the future?
08:34 How does cloud services fit into his vision?
11:49 What is the reason why moving to management of cloud systems in the SMB has taken so long?
13:54 What one thing would he change?

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