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This Week in the Business of Tech August 13 2021

A video version of this week’s podcasts, focused on news for those delivering IT Services.. This week’s stories:

00:00 Reopening and jobs data interconnects at opportunity
03:03 The FCCs new maps start arriving
03:44 The long term cost of legacy technology
05:48 SMB ransomware and API data tracks together, while a playbook leaks
09:38 Business Travel – will it come back? Is it coming back?
12:00 A public cloud pushback, highlighting the next opportunity
15:16 Google’s remote pay disparity, and the SMB opportunity
16:31 Eureka Process: Growth is Intentional
17:06 JEDI 2.0: a new fight between Microsoft and Amazon
18:06 The infrastructure bill’s investment on security, Microsoft data and vulnerabilities, and Accenture breached
21:34 How much, or little, did we get on broadband in the infrastructure bill?
22:58 Artificial Intelligence impact on call centers and decision
25:37 The McFlurry machine is broken, and why IT providers care
26:49 Sweden’s Silicon Valley approach

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