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The McFlurry machine is broken, and why IT providers care

Let’s talk about McFlurrys.  

A judge has awarded a temporary restraining order against Taylor company, the company that makes the McDonald’s ice cream machines.  This was granted after Kytch, a company that makes a diagnostic tool for the machines, filed a lawsuit back in May.

As fans of the ice cream know… the machines are often broken.  Taylor is accused of specifically designing them to fail, and Kytch built a tool to help diagnose problems… which Taylor then tried to replicate, in part by using Kytch’s own tools, and then telling customers not to use those tools because they were dangerous. .  

Why do we care?

This is a right to repair debate hidden in an ice cream treat.    An independent tool provider found an opportunity, and the manufacturer wants to control who and how their devices can be fixed.

In this case, it appears the device maker may have gone to a pretty far extreme to lock in repairs and diagnostics.     It’s a great case for why right to repair is important, and this case, like those in farm equipment, have absolute parallels in the IT space.    I’m rooting for Kytch here.