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The lack of belonging in tech organizations

Globally, only 24% of women and ethnic minorities in tech roles feel like they have a sense of belonging in organizations, despite 75% of leadership executives believing the opposite, according to Capgemini.

Research by the consultancy firm found that 90% of organizations worldwide are having trouble implementing inclusion practices and designing services within technology teams, despite an increased need for technology development as a result of the pandemic.

Why do we care?

I’m highlighting this data to not lose the thread on this.      Thinking strategically, link this to broadband.   Rollout of broadband expands the reach to new customers, and the related new markets – and as stated, some of that is Black and Hispanic communities.

Address that problem, while preparing to deliver services into those communities by preparing your organization to look more like them.   

Not saying it’s easy – but if it was easy… everyone would do it, and the margins would be smaller.   Hard is profitable.