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IT Operations Maturity opportunities… for everyone?

Kaseya looked at IT operations maturity.  Let’s quote Channel Futures.

Despite the increased focus on IT and their growing budgets, the maturity of these organizations varies significantly from one to the next. Breaking them down into five categories of maturity, we found one-third of them to be in the “Proactive” category, where the focus is on streamlining operations and automation. Meanwhile a shocking 47% of IT departments remain in the lowest two maturity categories (Reactive or Efficient).

That left only 20% of IT organizations in the top two categories (Strategic at 14% and Aligned at 6%). This represents a huge opportunity for MSPs to partner with the vast majority of IT groups that are still struggling to reach a level of maturity where they’re leading the charge in improving business operations via IT services instead of just trying to catch up and keep their head above water.

Why do we care?

I shouldn’t think this is so surprising, particularly if you’re comparing against the cybersecurity landscape too.

Here’s the flaw in the logic for me – saying it’s a huge opportunity for MSPs to partner assumes MSPs can deliver those services.         There are some that certainly can.     Those that can’t need to be looking at their own service offerings.     When I put my ear to the ground and listen for the chatter around improving business operations via IT services…. That isn’t the majority of what I hear.  

Now, for those that can, they will pull further ahead, and fast.    Take a good hard look at where you spend your time.