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Tablet, Chromebook, Smartphone, cloud infrastructure and adoption, and IT operations insights

IDC has released tablet data – Apple shipped 12.9 million iPads in the June quarter.    Samsung shipped 8 million, and Lenovo is in third with 4.7 million.      The analyst is also warning of a slowdown to come due to chip shortages.    And, Chromebooks are up 275% year over year growth, up to 12 million.   For the June quarter, that’s 75% year over year growth.  That from Canalys, where IDC is reporting 68% year on year volumes

IDC also released smartphone data.  Shipments climbed 13.2 percent year over year, slightly better than forecasted.  

T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon all reported solid earnings and strong business wireless growth for the June quarter.     T-Mobile has additionally indicated that it will be shutting down Sprint’s LTE network next year, which is six months after the scheduled 3G CDMA shutdown.  

Synergy Research has cloud infrastructure market data out now – fourth consecutive quarter of increase, and grew at 39%.     Everyone’s up – Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, with the first two at record speeds, and Google slower and steady.     Amazon has 33% of the market, Microsoft at 20%, and Google at 10%, and Canalys is showing similar numbers, at 31% for Amazon, 22% for Microsoft, and google at 8%.  

And,  US SMB and Midmarket cloud adoption trends research by Techaisle shows that there is likely to be 121 percent increase in the adoption of vertical Line of business cloud solutions within the next year. Top adoption growth will be for ERP solutions.  Channel partners providing vertical solutions are 2.6 times more likely to be very successful than their less/not successful counterparts.

Techaisle’s channel survey research data shows that 60% of successful cloud channel partners emphasize their industry expertise and industry knowledge during their interactions with their clients. Conversely, 60% of not-so-successful partners lead with their technical knowledge, and 43% lead with price.

Kaseya weighed in with their IT operations survey.    Quoting Channel Futures:

The great cloud migration continues in 2021, as 36% of SMBs rank this as a top priority for the year. The most popular configuration is a hybrid public-private cloud strategy, which is used by 65% of SMBs.

This is driving spending increases in this domain, as 54% of companies are increasing their IaaS spend and 36% are devoting more money to SaaS expenses. The most common SaaS solutions used by SMBs are Microsoft365 (77%), Google Workspace (28%) and (26%).

At the same time, those legacy systems that haven’t yet made the move to the cloud or other modern platforms continue holding some SMBs back: 24% said they’re hampering growth and innovation by slowing things down and limiting what’s possible.

However, this problem may not persist for some of those SMBs, as 52% of companies are allocating a portion of their budget to modernize and update their legacy systems, which is the top driver for getting additional IT dollars this year.

And overall, the US tech market outlook is positive.   In Forrester’s recent report, US tech budgets are forecasted to expand by 7.4% in 2021 and 6.7% in 2022.  This is an adjusted report up from previous, still positive projections.     Headlines from TechRepublic:

  • Software will be the star performer in the 2021–2022 U.S. tech market outlook
  • Single-instance cloud becomes a competitor to software as a service (SaaS
  • And a key one — Tech services will ride the coattails of software demand

Why do we care?

Each of these growth areas has IT services dollars attached to them.   This is a menu of opportunities to focus on – and more importantly, layer that TechAisle insight.   Industry expertise MATTERS.    Going deep into an industry is proving to be a strong play for those who are embracing it, layering on top of the general opportunity presented.