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How many in SMB are innovative?

TechAisle has some data around technology adoption in SMB.

30% of SMBs have a “very innovative” mindset and are investing in edge technologies that drive innovation; 51% are in the “somewhat innovative” segment with a focus on transitioning to being very innovative and are evaluating edge solution.

38% of SMBs are investing in digital transformation to initiate innovation in products, services, and business processes

9.9 is the number of technology categories that very innovative SMBs use, which is 1.8X non-innovative SMBs. Cloud, security, virtualization, mobility, AI, analytics, IoT, SD-WAN, AR/VR, HCI are the leading technology areas where very innovative SMBs are increasing investment and deploying edge solutions

Why do we care?

So, a headline – roughly 80% are willing to spend in tech.     

I’ve never bought into the idea that SMBs don’t spend money on technology, as data like this shows.    You have to pick the right customers, but they’re generally out there.  The difference often has a lot more to do with the advice given than an unwillingness.       

Next time you hear someone say “My customers won’t go for that”… is that a lack of selling skill more than actual understanding of customers?