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Broadband’s impact to work – and the hidden perk to lure staff

Almost one in five employees have been unable to complete work tasks due to poor internet connection, according to AppNeta’s Future of the Internet Outlook Report, released Tuesday. The company surveyed 1,000 U.S. adults.  

Poor or limited bandwidth has affected 17% of respondents. As a response, one in five adults have upgraded their at-home internet packages, and 38% feel their employers should pay for an internet connection used for work. 

Half of respondents (49%) say the biggest connectivity problems they faced were slow loading times for websites, followed by video calls and service outages.   This all from CIO Dive

And on Wednesday, the Senate reached an apparent deal on infrastructure which includes $65 billion for broadband, intended to ensure every American has access to high speed internet.   This is lower than the $100 billion initially set as a goal.  The package also includes language from the Digital Equity Act that would create a permanent program to subsidize the cost of broadband for low income families.     Pricing transparency has also been included in the package.  

And, 45% of teleworkers work from a couch.  38% from bed.  20% often work outside.  This from a study by home improvement marketing firm CraftJack.   Why?    Cost – building a home office is a luxury, and many cannot afford it.  

Why do we care?

Tie this to our previous story.  A smaller observation here too – if labor is tough to find, building a support system that includes potential subsidies for home environments is another of those competitive advantages to take advantage of.     The data again shows it’s not a huge investment.     That can include the broadband, and it can include the home support environment.