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TechAisle research on Microsoft’s Cloud PC

TechAisle has some research this week supporting the idea that Microsoft’s cloud PC will be widely adopted.  Quoting the piece.  

Techaisle data suggests that SMB and midmarket buyers will appreciate its portability, native access to web-based resources, its innovative approach to security, access to Microsoft Office personal productivity solutions, namely M365, and the ability to add to Azure Active Directory. Data from a survey conducted by Techaisle in the US shows that 5% of very small businesses, 10% of small businesses, 16% of core midmarket firms, and 32% of upper midmarket organizations may adopt Cloud PC.

Why do we care?

I’m bullish on Cloud PC – particularly as a solution to that risk management problem – and seems the market is too.    That initial data set might be considered be small… but I’d offer it’s a great slice.     It’s also early days, and without investment.

If it was me delivering services, I’d be all in with Cloud PCs.