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Zoom’s big strategy reveal – the purchase of Five9

Over the weekend, Zoom bought Five9, in a deal valued at $14.7 billion.     The deal brings Five9’s call center service capabilities to Zoom’s portfolio.

The company also announced the general availability of Zoom Apps, which are in meeting integrations to enhance the experience.  

Why do we care?

Normally I don’t care much about M&A, as long-time listeners know.   This one I do care about, because of strategy implications.   I put a big priority on what I term the “work” layer – the layer where businesses create knowledge, collaborate, and store their data.    Office 365, Salesforce, Google Workplace, Slack, and Zoom all have different plays here.

Five9 was highlighted by TechAisle just last month – I’ve included a link.

I was watching to see what Zoom did – particularly with their pandemic war chest.      They bought, so they didn’t have to build, contact call center capabilities.     They’re looking to make a unified communications play.     And that’s why we care – for those IT service providers deciding which flavor of “work” they want to focus on, now you know where Zoom’s direction is.