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Action in lobbying, with a new group forming for IT Service Providers

Let’s talk lobbyists for a minute.

Politico covers the decline of the Internet Association, which is one of Silicon Valley’s active lobbyists.     Internal dysfunction, combined with the larger fragmentation of technology’s lobbying efforts, have made the group “irrelevant”, per one Congressional aide.   Many technology companies have shifted to their own direct lobbying efforts. 

Meanwhile, a new announcement.    Karl Palachuk, owner of Small Biz Thoughts and well known MSP author, has announced an organizational meeting for the National Society of IT Service Providers.      The announcement, at, includes a set of proposed legislation for IT services.  

Why do we care?

One on the way down, one on the way up.    With regulation coming, the first story is about understanding how larger companies have used lobbyists… and the second an opportunity for providers to do something.       In the interest of transparency… I’ll be at that meeting on July 21st.   Will you?