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Biden’s EO: big tech pushback creates opportunities for smaller companies

The other big news over the Executive Order signed on Friday.

The EO is focused on a number of areas, including scrutiny of large corporate mergers, the limitation of non-compete clauses, and looks to reestablish net neutrality standards rolled back by the Trump administration.     Also notable, the FCC is tasked with bringing back the Broadband Nutrition Label, designed to standardize the format providers display price, data allowances, and performance information.  

One of the areas the EO focuses on is right to repair – those new rules requested from the Federal Trade Commission specifically includes call phone manufacturers.  

Also last week – the FCC was told to re-evaluate the rules for minimum broadband speed by a government watchdog in a new report, as small businesses require more bandwidth than the current 25/3 standard. 

While we’re on laws, Colorado passed a comprehensive data privacy law, signed into law on July 7.  

Why do we care?

Slow moving, but this trend is good for small companies – what’s here is generally focused on the big, and slowing them down.  That should make more opportunities for those of us focused in the smaller business world.

Regulation is coming… and here is hoping most of it is good, despite not much voice from the small providers.